Bird's Nest

What is bird's nest?

Bird’s nest has been a Chinese delicacy for centuries. The nest consists of interwoven strands of saliva built on the side of a cave during mating season. The world's bird's nest originates from South East Asia, mainly Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The edible bird’s nests are among the most expensive animal products consumed by humans. 

What are the health benefits to eating bird's nest?
Coveted for its rich proteins and minerals, taking bird's nest regularly helps stimulate the appetite, speed recovery from illness, invigorate the lungs, boost immunity, and improve the body’s overall metabolic functions. As an added bonus, it helps your keep skin looking youthful and glowing! 

Bird's nest is particularly suitable for pregnant women. It is extremely rich in proteins and other nutritional elements like amino acids, mucin and lipids. These elements play a vital role in the absorption of nutrients within the body and improving metabolic functions. This can significantly contribute to the healthy development of the fetus and the post-natal vigor of the mother.


Bird's Nest

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