Red Date, Logan, Goji Berry Tea

Red Date, Logan, Goji Berry Tea

Everyone wants to improve their overall health. In recent years, there is a growing trend to pursue a healthy diet. In fact, a healthy diet does not necessarily require expensive ingredients and complicated steps. You can get optimum healing benefits simply by brewing an herbal tea that tastes great!

Longans, red dates (jujubes) and goji berries (wolfberries) are naturally sweet, making them an excellent choice for a touch of sweetness in drinks and soups. A brew made from dried longans, red dates and goji berries is a classic drink in Chinese food therapy for everyone. Apparently, this combo helps improve blood circulation and replenishes vital energy (qi), thus keeping the body warm and energetic. You can also add brown sugar and ginger to the tea for extra nourishment and flavor.

This tea recipe also helps women to regulate menstruation and relieve period pain. It is also known as a milk booster for new mother. Believed to be a “warming” fruit, longan is often used in confinement foods.

According to TCM, this tea helps to replenish and nourish the blood. Plus, it can promote relaxation and help you sleep.



Red dates – 4 pcs

Longan pulps – 4 pcs

Goji berries - 1 tbsp

Brown sugar - optional  


  1. Rinse the ingredients, take the seeds out from red dates.
  2. Steep in a thermal container with 250ml (1 cup) hot water 120-170°F (50°C-75°C) for 20 minutes. Add brown sugar to taste.

Special Notes :

  1. Do not overheat goji berry, water temperature 50-70°C / 120-170°F is recommended.
  2. Do not use during menstruation.
  3. This tea recipe is high in sugar, people with diabetes should use dates prudently. Consult your doctor before use.
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  • Sophia Tsao