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fullmoon of the Mid-Autumn Festival



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Chinese Wedding Gift Exchange Ceremony


過大禮是中式傳統嫁娶中重要的儀式,男家準備海味、果籃、利是禮金、椰子及喜餅等過大禮套裝送到女家。 當中的禮節程序充滿傳統意義 ...

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Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony



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Dragon Boat Festival Traditions



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The Art of Poon Choi - Chinese Casserole


Poon Choi (盆菜), which is literally translated to “basin food”, is a large basin crowded with overflowing of ingredients assembled in a casserole. Premium ingredients are placed on top for a luxury presentation. The final product has a rich broth consistency, with the juices of the meats and seafood from the top layers fusing with the vegetables in lower layers.
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Braised Dried Oyster with Black Moss (Fat Choy Ho See)


Dried oysters are often used in Lunar New Year dishes, usually paired with black moss. Braised oyster with black moss, is probably the most famous dish eaten on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Black moss 發菜, in Cantonese is pronounced “fat choy” and dried oyster 蠔豉 is pronounced as “ho see”. The combination of these two ingredients forms the homonym for good fortune and good deeds/ better markets: 發財好事 / 發財好市.
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Tray of Togetherness (Chinese New Year Candy Box)


Assembling a Tray of Togetherness (Chinese New Year candy box) with your kids is a great way to celebrate the Chinese New Year (CNY). Each of the treats symbolizes your family’s hopes for the coming year.
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