Korean Ginseng Tea

Korean Ginseng Tea

Korean Ginseng is a very precious tonic, generally Korean ginseng tea is made from 6-year-old ginseng. Korean ginseng is a distinctive type of ginseng, different from Chinese Ginseng and American Ginseng, which involved the steaming process with other herbs and then drying. The active ingredient, Ginsenoside人參皂甙, is greatly improved during the process of red ginseng.

Korean Ginseng Tea has different tonic effects. It tonifies qi/ energy and invigorate blood, enhance the body's immunity, quench thirst, calm the mind and so on. 

Korean Ginseng tea paired with Suan Zao Ren, Poria, Licorice, and Red Dates, which enhancing the effect of replenishing qi and blood, and calming the mind. Suitable for the people with the deficiency of qi and blood and fluid.

Suan Zao Ren (commonly known as Fried Sour Dates or Spine Date Seed) has a neutral property. It nourishes and calms the heart and engenders fluid. It helps in people with insomnia, night sweating, damage of fluid and thirst.

Poria (Juan Fu Ling) benefits our health by regulating body fluid level, promoting urination. It is a heart tonic, promotes sleep and benefits mental state.

The widely used common herb, Dried Liqorice (Gan Cao), boosts qi, clears heat, resolves toxin, dispels phlegm, relieves cough. Gan Cao can also harmonize the nature of Korean Ginseng and lessen the harshness.

Red dates help replenish and nourish blood, improve insomnia and protect liver. It also provides the tea with its particular fragrant and sweet taste.

Ingredients : 2 servings

Korean Ginseng - 10g/0.3oz

Fried Suan Zao Ren – 2 tbsp

Fu Shen – 8 pcs

Dried Liqorice Sliced (Gan Cao Pian) – 5 pcs

Red Dates – 5 pcs

Honey – optional

Directions :

  1. Rinse and soak all the dried ingredients for 20 minutes. Cut Korean Ginseng in slices.
  2. Put all the ingredients into a pot with 3 cups of water (750ml), double boiled for 30 minutes (or use health kettle).

Special Notes :

  • Korean Ginseng is warming in nature, which is not suitable for those who are sick, experiencing fever, constipation/ diarrhea, during period or have excess heat in body etc. Consult your physician before taking any medicine-based herbs for personalized medical advice.
  • Not recommended to pregnant, nursing women, children, people with hypertension or heart diseases, on medication or have a medical condition.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone currently under medication should consult their physician before taking any health supplements.

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