Korean Ginseng - Silkie Chicken and Fish Maw Soup

Korean Ginseng - Silkie Chicken and Fish Maw Soup


4 servings

Korean Ginseng  - 20g/0.7oz

Dried Fish Maw - 2-6 pcs (medium size)

Dried Lotus Seeds with Peel – 2 tbsp

Red Dates – 10 pcs

Silkie Chicken – 1 whole chicken

Directions :

  1. Soaked the dried fish maw the night before. Quick boiled the fish maw with ginger and shallot and rinse with running water.

  2. Rinse and soak all the dried ingredients.

  3. Blanch the silkie chicken for 8 minutes and rinse.

  4. Add all ingredients into a pot with 10 cup of water (2500ml/2.5qt), and bring to a boil for 10 minutes. Then simmer for 3 hours in low heat.

Cooking Tips: Double boiled the ginseng or use cast iron pot to achieve the maximum extraction of flavor and nutrition.

Special Notes :

    • Korean Ginseng is warming in nature, which is not suitable for those who are sick, experiencing fever, constipation/ diarrhea, during period or have excess heat in body etc. Consult your physician before taking any medicine-based herbs for personalized medical advice.
    • Not recommended to pregnant, nursing women, children, people with hypertension or heart diseases, on medication or have a medical condition.


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  • Ivy Yim