The Ultimate Nourishing American Ginseng Chicken Soup

The Ultimate Nourishing American Ginseng Chicken Soup

This American ginseng chicken soup recipe incorporates precious Chinese herbs such as Shi Hu, Mai Dong, and dried figs, resulting in a delectable dish. Not only does it serve as a potent qi supplement, but it also acts as a tonic for nourishing lung yin, clearing internal heat, and alleviating thirst.

In Chinese, Ginseng from the US is referred to as 花旗參 (or 西洋參), with "花旗" refers to the American flag. Wisconsin is renowned for producing high-quality ginseng, often brought as gifts by visitors to their hometowns. American ginseng comes in three main types: field cultivated, wild-stimulated cultivation, and truly wild American ginseng.

Cultivated American Ginseng

Field cultivated ginseng is produced in great quantities each year from farms primarily in Wisconsin. Ginseng has fairly stringent environmental requirements. It requires a lot of shade, and the soil must be moist, but well-drained. The soil must have enough nutrients to meet its needs, so uncultivated soil is preferred. The cultivated ginseng is usually harvested after three to five years, depending on cultivation technique. The air dried roots appear to pale yellowish brown color, smooth and fat. Cultivated roots are often large and heavy, hard to break and exhibit few concentric growth rings. It has faintly distinctive odor, slightly bitter, sweet taste.

American Ginseng Farm at Wisconsin. Imagine source

Wild-Simulated Cultivation

Truly wild American Ginseng is extremely rare and growing wild American ginseng is very risky. Wild-simulated ginseng cultivation can potentially provide a better environment control. The ginseng farmer will carefully select a site with favorable temperature and soil moisture associated with shade canopy in the forest. Stratified ginseng seed is planted in the fall and make sure the disturbance to site as little as possible. The wild-simulated cultivation ginseng requires at least 6 years before harvest. The wild-simulated cultivated ginseng has coarse and corrugated surface. It has higher level of ginsenosides as the active ingredients than the cultivated ginseng. It is more pungent, bitter and sweeter taste.

Truly Wild American Ginseng

Wild American Ginseng is native in the forests of the Eastern United States, grown naturally without human intervention. We believe that the slower-growing wild roots, which are harvested at an older age, absorb more curative power from the forest floor. However, the government strictly regulates the collection of truly wild ginseng. Only small amounts of wild ginseng are sold each year. Wild American ginseng often requires up to 10 years before harvest. The wild ginseng is identical in shape with obvious ring node on rhizome (neck). The wild roots are dark tan in color, gnarled in appearance and show many concentric growth rings. Wild roots are generally smaller in size and lighter in weight. Wild American Ginseng is widely regarded as the most potent of the American ginsengs due to highest levels of ginsenosides. In TCM, wild American ginseng is considered to have much better healing effects and is known as the “King of Herbs” in Chinese medicine.

How to store American Ginseng

Please store the ginseng in an airtight container and cool, dry place. Keep refrigerated.

How to cut American Ginseng

Steam 15 minutes (or until completely soft) before use, then slice and serve in tea or for the preparation of soup.

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Wild American Ginseng Chicken Soup Recipe

Here we go for our Ultimate Nourishing Wild American Ginseng Chicken Soup Recipe. The precious Wild American Ginseng features some Chinese herbs like Shi Hu, Mai Dong and dried figs. It is a great supplement of qi. Shi Hu nourishes yin, clears heat. Mai Dong (or Mai Men Dong) helps cool down our body, engender fluid, moisten the lung. While dried figs provide best source of anthocyanins, vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants which benefits our skin and boost our immune system.


Ingredients : (4 servings)

Wild American Ginseng – 4 pcs

Shi Hu– 2 tbsp

Mai Dong – 2 tbsp

Dried Figs – 2 pcs

Ginger – 3 slices

Chicken - 1.5 lbs

American Ginseng Chicken Soup | Powingonline

Directions :

  1. Rinse and soak ginseng roots in water for 2-3 hours (retain the water for later use). Cut the ginseng (or you can also use pre-cut ginseng). Rinse and soak other ingredients. Alternatively, we can also boil the wild ginseng in whole root but it takes longer time to boil it until completely soft.
  2. Wash the chicken and remove innards, head and tail. Blanch the chicken for 8 mins. Drain and rinse.
  3. Add all ingredients together with the ginseng soaking liquid into the pot and bring to boil for 10 minutes. Then simmer for 2 hours in low heat. Add salt to taste (or Instant Pot High Pressure for 45 mins, natural release). Enjoy!

Other than Wild American Ginseng, more options of American Ginseng available: 




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