Men's Health

Men's Health

Modern life is stressful and fast-paced. Men often work a lot, without paying attention to their health needs. Consequently, from mid-life onwards, men often experience various health conditions. In general, health issues related to men can often be traced back to an imbalance in the kidney function. The symptoms of kidney deficiency may be associated with the slowing down of activity – for example fatigue, imbalance of body fluids including water retention, frequent urination or reduced libido, decreased vitality, hair loss and mild dizziness. So men should pay special attention to their health.


How to strengthen men’s energy / qi?

The golden rule of strengthen our kidney qi is simple. Eating nutritious and balanced diet, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy balance between work and rest can boost one’s qi. Besides, many common traditional Chinese herbs can also help support the kidney’s health.

Goji berries, Cortex Eucommiae (Du Zhong) 杜仲, Dried Chinese Yam (Huai Shan) 淮山, Euryales Seed (Qian Shi) 芡實 are traditionally used in TCM to strengthen the kidney’s function. Nuts nourishing to the kidney include almonds, lotus seeds, chestnuts, brown rice. Walnuts are the super plant source of omega 3 also support good brain function. In eastern medicine, black foods are believed to strengthen and nourish kidneys, so include black food in your diet like black beans, black sesame, black fungus or wood ear mushrooms, seaweed, and black maca.

He Shou Wu Black Beans Tonifying Soup

Men concern about hair loss and their kidney’s health, and we are going to introduce a tonifying soup that nourish hair and support your kidney’s health.

Fleeceflower Root (He Shou Wu)

He Shou Wu is also referred as “Fo-Ti” or “Fleeceflower Root” in America. The name is translated to “the black-haired”. It’s said that the hair growth remedy was named due to the transformational, youth-restoring effects to our health. In Chinese Medicine, a strong kidney qi is the key to healthy bones. The processed form of He Shou Wu is one of the great kidney restorers which nourishes blood, tonifies the liver and kidneys and hence strengthens the bones and sinews.

Black Beans and Black Sesame

It is believed that black beans and black sesame can tonify the kidney and calm the mind, reduce swelling and detoxification. Black sesame may also moisten intestine to help ease in constipation. The tonic black sesame is good at improving hair growth and hair color.

The precious black herbs He Shou Wu, Black Beans and Black sesame features some kidney’s qi booster : goji berry, Fructue Ligustri Lucidi (Nu Zhen Zi) and Poria (Fu Ling), are great supplements of Men’s Qi. If you want to enhance the tonic effect, you can use black silkie chicken instead. Consume tonifying soup may help men drive away kidney deficiency and stay energetic! 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️



Ingredients : 4 servings

Fleeceflower Root (He Shou Wu) - 15g/0.5oz
Goji Berry - 15g/0.5oz
Poria (Fu Ling) - 20g/0.7oz
Black Beans - 20g/0.7oz
Black Sesame - 30g/1oz
Nu Zhen Zi - 15g/0.5oz
Spare Ribs - 1.5lbs

Directions :

  1. Rinse the black beans and soak the beans in water overnight. Rinse all other ingredients.
  2. Blanch the pork for 8 mins. Drain and rinse.
  3. Add all ingredients into a pot with 1.5 liters (50 fl.oz.) water and bring to boil for 10 minutes. Then simmer for 1.5 hours in low heat. Add salt to taste. (or Instant Pot High Pressure for 45 mins, natural release).

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