Tray of Togetherness (Chinese New Year Candy Box)

Tray of Togetherness (Chinese New Year Candy Box)

I always looked forward to the centerpiece of our dining table during Chinese New Year: a big tray of treats.

Assembling a Tray of Togetherness (Chinese New Year candy box) with your kids is a great way to celebrate the Chinese New Year (CNY). Each of the treats symbolizes your family’s hopes for the coming year.

The Tray of Togetherness is a large lacquered candy box, typically in red or golden color, that is filled to the brim with various kinds of candies. The tray is usually round or square in shape and comprises six, eight, or even nine compartments. Its purpose is to symbolize prosperity, abundance, and family unity.

Prominently featured in the center are a pair of mandarin oranges with leaves and stems intact along with red envelopes.  These items are essential in the tray of togetherness, symbolizing prosperity and unity.

Our family candy tray is made up of mostly traditional items: eight sweet treats, deep fried snacks, nuts, seeds, brightly-colored CNY candies, fruit chews.

I hope these suggestions will inspire you to create your very own Tray of Togetherness!


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  • Sophia Tsao