Nourishing Dried Pear & Black Goji Tea Recipe

Nourishing Dried Pear & Black Goji Tea Recipe

This easy recipe keeps you hydrated in the dry fall season. Health benefits include less internal heat (which is considered better balance), improved skin health, and stronger immunity. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), dried pears may help nourish "yin", hydrate the lungs, relieve cough, and clear internal heat. During the fall season, we may need more hydration due to dryness caused by seasonal change. Our dried pear and goji tea recipe is a natural and delicious way to restore those missing fluids and bring your body back to balance. 

Rare wild varieties of black goji berries have anthocyanin content that is much higher than red goji and blueberries. It is a pure natural antioxidant and a powerhouse of energy, nutrition and healing. It may also improve thirst, heat stroke and fatigue, and stabilize blood sugar.

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Prep Time:

<5 mins


Dried Pear

Black goji

Red goji


5 slices

8 pcs

8 pcs



  1. Rinse the ingredients.
  2. Steep in a thermal container with hot water 120-170°F (50°C-75°C) for 20 minutes.
  3. Add honey to taste.
  • Cathy Fung
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